Chess Notation – Master The Names of The Squares

Can you name any square on the chessboard in a second or two – without even looking at the chess notation letters and numbers on the sides?

With the chess coordinates game you will quickly be able to do it!

Chess notation game in action:

Below is a chessboard with the letters and numbers on the side (if you need to quickly refer to the coordinates used in algebraic chess notation.)

Chess notation - quick reference to the chess notation coordinates.

Chess notation – quick reference to the coordinates.

Here is the link to the chess notation game:

Why should you master chess notation?

  • Algebraic notation is used extensively by chess courses and exercises. Searching for squares mentioned in an exercise is hardly an effective way to spend your training time.
  • Knowing the algebraic chess notation by heart makes it easier to talk to your chess friends, since you both understand the “language of chess.”
  • Game analysis can be far more effective if you don’t need to search for square names.
  • Notating your games will not distract your concentration since you will be able to complete your notation without even looking at the letters and numbers on the sides.

Training chess notation is not hard at all

Training the names of the squares simply requires you to sit down and focus on the topic. Train a few times with the coordinates trainer and you will see just how quickly you will get the hang of it.

But how can you train chess notation?

It really isn’t that hard. You can simply with the chessboard coordinates trainer. You will be surprised how quickly you master it! You can find the chess notation trainer by clicking this link ->

Play the game a few times and you will be a master in chess notation before you know it!

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